Thank you very much, Miss/Mrs Idebi Folagbade. BABATOLA (1918-2014), IS OORE SUPERIOR TO EWI AND OTHER EKITI OBAS, "Introduction" of Spiritual Citizenship: Transnational Pathways from Black Power to If in Trinidad, Law in Traditional Yoruba Philosophy: A Critical Appraisal, MARTYRDOM OF MUSLIM CLERICS AND ITS EFFECTS ON DAWAH (ISLAMIC PROSELYTIZATION) IN LAGOS STATE, Que Faire?" Wao! According to the Emeritus Professor, "accepted membership of a family (i.e., by virtue of patrilineal descent from the family's founding ancestor) is a minimum condition of eligibility for a hereditary title limited to members of that family" (ibid.). This is a great contribution. In a move aimed at restoring and reawakening the history and culture of Yoruba, eminent Yoruba leaders, including the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi. The Advocate and Development Planner also explained that titles can also be awarded to people who give the community's traditional leaders money (17 Apr. Onisambo of Ogbooro, Sabiganna of Iganna, Oniware of Iware, Elero of Ilero, Onimia of Imia. Your visit is appreciated. Those that remain and those of the third generation tend to only be headed by the holders of the title "Bal" (lit. Emblems are given out according to seniority, and drapery worn by the oba and chiefs are created to be elaborate and also expensive. Thanks so much for this good work. Thank you so much for your contribution, Segilola Adeniyi. Wealthy people in eastern Nigeria are usually celebrated. Alara of Aramoko is one of the seven paramount rulers in Yoruba land. Kindly do check back. Most Rural towns and villages in eastern region lack basic amenities like water, electricity and good roads. Thank you for your visit and contribution, Mr. ATERE GABRIEL DADA. This is great! Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Olusegun. Thank you once again. Advert? Lord of w). Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. However, such honorary titles are usually conferred by officially recognised traditional rulers (popularly referred to as "Obas" in Yorubaland). Copyright notice: This document is published with the permission of the copyright holder and producer Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). Nigerian entrepreneur, politician, industrialist, and a member of the 9th National Assembly, Hon. These heads with a rank of chief perform traditional functions among the people that elect them. "Church Bans Chieftaincy Titles, Wedding for Pregnant Women, Others." Only the secret initiations for traditional chiefs of the highest rank are kept a secret from all outsiders. Orangun of Oke Ila. They build town houses, churches, repair roads, drill boreholes. Like in Ikere-Ekiti where we have Ogoga of Ikere and Onikere of Ikere the government recognizes Onikere of Ikere and in Ikare Akoko the government recognizes Olukare of Ikare and not Owa-Ale of Ikare. Thank you, Mrs Bukola Awobode. We are grateful! Thank you very much, FAGG. Towns like IKere in Ekiti state and Ikare in Ondo state. Thanks for your visit, Folashade. This Response was prepared after researching publicly accessible information currently available to the Research Directorate within time constraints. For this reason, some are of the view that the Yorubas are deeply spiritual. To learn more, view ourPrivacy Policy. The title Oke Osisi literarily means the Great Tree) and the holder has considerable influence in the community. Ovori of Ibeshe, Alabirun of Ikare Alahun of Imore Alado of Abuleado Agbojojoye of Ibasa-Ijegun egba Onirede of Irede and Igbanko Olojo of Ojoland Oniba of Ibaland, Ajalaiye of Ijebu Imomo Ajalorun of Ijebu Ife. Further information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response. The title is given to people who enable others towards personal development and self-sufficiency. Using a multi-layered methodological approach, including a lived historical perspective, the author recounts the process through which she also became Yoruba through the conferment of three chieftaincy titles each on her and her husband, the highest of which was presented to them by His Royal Majesty, King (Oba) Michael Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo . Traadition of Origin and Migration of Yoroba, Stories of Migration and State Formation in Yorubaland: A Re-assessment of Yoruba Myth and Legend of Creation, Contest, Conflict and the Crown in Ife Politics, 1952-2011, Chieftaincy and the State in Abacha's Nigeria: Kingship, Political Rivalry and Competing Histories in Abeokuta during the 1990s, A WILL IN THE WIND - BIOGRAPHY OF HIGH CHIEF DR. J.E. We really appreciate this. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Olukare of Ikare, Olubaka of OKa, Owa of Ogbagi, Thanks for your contribution, Adejoro. They bestow titles to deserving sons and daughters of the land. Your visit is highly appreciated. Yoruba Chieftaincy Title Selection. Thank you. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. By embracing viable models deducible for the modus operandi of the Ogunda Meji temple, Yoruba religion stands the chance of being catapulted from the state of a mere crude spirituality to a globally acclaimed world religion. Key words: Ogunda Meji, Ijo Orunmila Atorise, Yoruba religion, Odu, modernity and tradition. Gov. This article argues that the Ojude Oba festival should not be seen simply for its entertainment value, but as a manifestation of Yoruba cultural, socio-economic, and spiritual values. Kindly do check back. Up to a few decades ago an Oba, the Yoruba word for a king, could send his servants or chiefs to summon any woman - young or married - and when that woman reported to the palace, the king would. 2012). Alara of Aramoko and Ajero of Ijero is one of the seven paramount rulers in Yoruba land. Each engineering family cadre rests on the other to form a synergy. When Onipe was about to leave Oyo town, the Alaafin decorated him with OPAGA (which qualifies him to keep Ilaris), EJIGBA and other royal insignias. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. The study on the impacts of Church on indigenous society seems to be dismissed. Interspersed with drawings by Georgina Beier of Yoruba motifs and collected and translated by authors and artists long-familiar with Yoruba culture, the myths are compiled and introduced here. Correspondence with the Research Directorate. Therefore, the central theme of the work reflects, culture, Nationalism and Patriotism of church members to the development of Oka-Akoko. We equally have the Oniwo of Iwo, Olowu of Owu-Isin, Olusin of Isanlu-Isin, Olusin of Ijara-Isin, Olusin of Iji-Isin, Oloba of Oba, Olu of Pamo, Olu of Kudu-Owode, Eledidi of Edidi, Olola of Ola, Eleku of Odo-Eku, all in Isin L.G.A. We are very grateful, your contribution goes a long way. Thanks for your visit and wonderful contribution, Mr. Mayowa Aringbangba. 52 0 obj <>stream The Advocate and Development Planner explained that in some communities where chieftaincy is not hereditary, "especially when the community or town is a community of strangers," such as in Ibadan and Oke-Igbo, chieftaincy titles are based on rotation and individuals wait in line for their titles until the chief or king dies (17 Apr. The acronym Ogie was used for their rulers (kings). Kindly do check back. sir Iree kingship title is Aree of Iree not oniree. We really appreciate your contribution. This is very enlightening. Aseyin of Iseyin and Akibio of Ilora. This is the gap this study intends to fill. The Ijo Orunmila Atorise, Ogunda Meji temple, which was founded by the late Chief Ifayemi Awopeju Bogunmbe, a prominent babalawo in Yorubaland, is an ultramodern Ifa Orisa worship centre, which incorporates a great deal of sophistication and civilisation in its operations and religious activities. Thanks for your contribution, Mr. Zaccheaus. Cocoa Conflict, Land Tenure, and Politics in Western Nigeria, Journal of Social History 47, no.1 (2013), 176-195. Yoruba term meaning we have seen a baby again., Yoruba term meaning we have seen a baby again. thank you, Mr. Oluwasegun Osiberu. Fehintola. Thanks for your visit and contribution, Mr. Gbenga Alebiosu. The Emeritus Professor indicated that conflicts about chieftaincy titles often occur between the contestant's family and the king and council (16 Apr. This is awesome. Point correction ,ONJO OF OKEHO NOT OBA OF OKEHO. (Ayanyemi, Ayanwale),Names can also depend on the nature of chieftaincy titles of the parents. Oji ofo title is given only to men in a family. Re: Buratai Bags Yoruba Chieftaincy Title by Nobody: 1:40pm On Aug 18, 2022 Monarchies and corresponding title of monarch: 1)Rome: Cesar 2) Germany: Kaiser 3) England: king 4) Ottoman: sultan 5) France : roi 6) Russia: Tsar 7) Benin empire: Oba 8 ) Oyo: alafin 9) Persia: shah 10) Egba: alake Kindly do check back. Oba Adeyeye took the audience back to18th Century, when there was nothing like Ghana or Nigeria, but just theblack race living together in harmony and love. We really appreciate your contribution. I think we need to be a bit careful about some towns where there is controversy about their oba. A Yoruba socio-cultural organisation, Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG), has urged all paramount traditional leaders, especially the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III and the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, to convene a meeting of Yoruba leaders. WE ALSO HAVE (1) OWA OF IGBAJO (2) ONIRUN OF OKE IRUN (3) ELEJIGBO Or OGIYAN OF EJIGBO (All In Osun State) .4 AJORIWIN OF IRAWO (5). The Oba should not be mistaken for the Ogiso dynasty whose name was derived from Ogie Iso which means It came from up/skye/heaven. This is because of the harsh environment in Nigeria and poverty rate. 2012). Please visit often. The titles are meant to encourage influential people in the society to contribute to the development of the community. Unstructured interview sessions were conducted for key members of the temple in order to gather first-hand information about the Ogunda Meji temple. The titles also act as symbolic capital that can be used to gain favour when desired by the individual oba that awarded them, and sometimes vice versa. Nigeria: Chieftaincy in Yorubaland and rituals, including human sacrifice and blood rituals upon initiation to chieftaincy or during chieftaincy; reaction of state ministries of chieftaincy affairs to Yoruba chief rituals, including whether reaction varies by state; prevalence and consequences of refusing a Yoruba chieftaincy title; protection available to those who refuse such a title (2019 . Ome Lo Ra chieftancy title is given to such individual. Kings in Yorubaland, a region which is in the modern republics of Benin, Nigeria and Togo, make use of it as a pre-nominal FESTIVALS IN THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF YORUBALAND: THE EGBEGUN FESTIVAL OF OMUOOKE EKITI IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE. CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE TITLES OF THESE OBAS?Lanlate Tapa Igangan Ijebu Igbo? Okpu uzu: an educated person with a degree in engineering. Kindly do visit again. These people receive insignia to show their stature. Soludo, Egypt frees Al Jazeera producer held for nearly 4 years, Workers contributions to nations development immeasurable Sanwo-Olu, Clashes erupt at French May Day protests against Macron, Workers Day: NLC demands for 65 years retirement age, Ooni, Akintoye, others to host 134th anniversary of Kiriji War September 22, Return schools to owners Ooni charges Government, Ooni rallies support for itsekiri in choosing new Olu of Warri, Afenifere group urges Alaafin, Ooni to convene Yoruba leadership summit, Ooni debunks role in sale of Lagos communal land, Childrens Day: Ooni harps on vocational skill acquisition. willows weep house dave spinks,

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