If an appeal is not received by the deadline the last decision on the matter will become final. System Director refers the University System of Georgias System Director of Equity & Investigations. Students who reside in Institute housing are subject to Housing policies and procedures in addition to this Code. Student means any person who is taking or auditing classes of the Institute, either full-time or part-time; is participating in academic programs; or is pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies. disciplinary warning Georgia Tech is committed to providing as safe an environment for our students as possible. Disorderly conduct including, but not limited to: a. Boisterousness, rowdiness, obscene, or indecent conduct or appearance. The Respondent is formally notified of the proposed Faculty Resolution by OSI, according to the communication guidelines in Section F-2. Department of Housing: www.housing.gatech.edu d. Distribution of alcohol to underage person(s). I. disciplinary warning disciplinary probation: This document is meant to be guidance to both the hearing officer and student involved. 7. Substantial Evidence means evidence a reasonable mind might accept as adequate to support a conclusion. Student disciplinary files shall be governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 20 U.S.C. The Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students, or their designee, may affirm the original finding and sanction; affirm the original finding but issue a new sanction of greater or lesser severity; remand the case back to the decision-maker to correct a procedural or factual defect; or reverse or dismiss the case if there was a procedural or factual defect that cannot be remedied by remand. Unauthorized use of Institute Premises including: a. Unauthorized entry into any Institute Premises or remaining without permission in anybuilding after normal closinghours. We consider student discipline situations on an individual basis, within the framework of the values we uphold as a university. Initial Evaluation of Incident Reports. Where the potential sanctions for the alleged misconduct may involve a suspension or expulsion, the Panels finding must be supported by Substantial Evidence. Harassing another person including, but not limited to: Placing another person in reasonable fear of his/her personal safety through words or actions directed at that person, or unreasonably interfering with the working, learning, or living environment of the person. Possessing pornographic material. 3. Only Students of the Georgia Institute of Technology who are enrolled Full Chairmeans a member of a Student Conduct Panel who is identified by the Institute to oversee the proceedings during a hearing. Sexual misconduct is not governed by this Code, but by the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including its procedures and sanctions. Acting with any other person to perform an unlawful act or to violate an Institute, Board of Regents, and/or University System Policy. General Registered Student Organizations are subject to this Code. Registered Student Organization or RSO means persons who have complied with or are in the process of complying with, the Institute requirements for chartering or annual registration requirements pursuant to the Registered Student Organizations Policy. Appeals will be considered only for the following reasons: a. to consider new information, sufficient to alter the decision, or other relevant facts not brought out in the originalhearing (or appeal), because such information was not known or knowable to theperson appealing during the time of the hearing (or appeal); WebIn general, students homed in a particular discipline will be expected to have some proficiency within that discipline; for example, students homed in the School of Biology d. Any question of the interpretation or application of the Code shall be referred to the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students for final determination. Are there any criminal charges currently pending against you? For an RSO, the Institute will withdraw recognition for the duration of the suspension. The Complainant(s) and Respondent(s) may be accompanied by an Advisor and up to two (2) family members. Proceedings under this Policy may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings. Just another site. f. Influencing or attempting to influence another person to commit an abuse of the Conduct Process. Georgia Institute of Technology The Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students will also place a hold on a Respondents records if the Respondent fails to respond to an official request to meet with a Student Conduct Administrator or the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students, or if the Respondent fails to complete assigned Sanctions. There is no requirement that a Student receive less severe sanctions before more severe sanctions; some conduct may warrant immediate expulsion. If the Student Conduct Administrator determines that the facts of the complaint or report, even if true, would not constitute a violation of Policy, no further action will be taken. In order to improve your performance, I suggest that you call in no later than one-half To the extent the summary report indicates that the Respondent will be charged with any violation, the Respondent shall have the opportunity to respond in writing. Disciplinary Sanction STATUS: Suspension from the Institute for a minimum of one semester, Supplementary Requirement MINIMUM GRADE PENALTY: Failure in the Course, Disciplinary Sanction STATUS: Suspension from the Institute for a minimum of one calendar year or expulsion. As well as outlining the details of the misconduct, employee warning letters also typically detail the actions the employee must take to escape further disciplinary action. Students who engage in any acts that result in disruption of a class may be directed by the instructor to leave the class for the remainder of the class period. B. Definitions Outlined below are the sanctions and supplementary requirements that a hearing officer must first considered in any incident referred to OSI for resolution. Disciplinary Probation is for a specified period of time. c. Any non-academic misconduct that resulted in suspension where a potential threat to the campus communityexists (including but not limited to illegal drug distribution, endangering or harming any person, or jeopardizing thesafety of any person) may be released to third parties for five years after sanction completion. Academic Misconduct The Respondentswritten response to the report shall be due no later than three (3) Business Days following the date of thereport. Theft (from another student or from the 5. Student Conduct Administrator means an Institute Official as authorized by the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students to lead the Administrative Conference, recommend violations based on an investigation of alleged misconduct, or impose Sanctions upon any Student(s) found to have violated the Code. Disciplinary Warning The Respondent, after being notified of the Student Conduct Administrators decision, may submit an appeal to the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students according to the appeal procedures described in Section H. This official notice will be provided at least five (5) Business Days prior to the hearing and will include the time, date, and location of the hearing. will be provided via official Institute e-mail addresses, as defined by the Office of Information Technology. Grade alteration including alteration of any academic grade or rating to obtain unearned academic credit. Students, Groups, or RSOs who receive a disciplinary warning are still considered in good standing with the Institute. The appeal to the President or their designee must be made in writing, must set forth one or more of the bases outlined above, and must be submitted within five (5) Business Days of the date of the final written decision by the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students. result in the Respondent either being found responsible or not for the alleged violation. The Respondent shall have the option of having the charges heard by either the Student Conduct Administrator or by a Student Conduct Panel. The Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students will determine if interim suspension is warranted. A copy shall also be provided to the Respondent and the Complainant (where applicable)before any hearing. The complaint shall be prepared in writing and directed to OSI. to seek information from a Student Conduct Administrator and/or Investigator; to be informed of the charge(s) and alleged misconduct upon which the charge is based; to be informed of the Information upon which a charge is based and afforded an opportunity to offer arelevantresponse; to remain silent with no inference of responsibility drawn; to present Information in his/her behalf; to be considered not responsible until proven responsible by a Preponderance of theEvidence; to be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding in writing; to have resolution of the case within a reasonable time. 4. WebUse this template to create a disciplinary form: Employee warning notice. The record shall be the property of the Institute and is subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 USC 1232g. Eligibility and Application. 11. We encourage applicants to share as much information as possible about the behavior(s) that led to the disciplinary or criminal violation, including what happened, the discipline or punishment imposed, and the verdict in a criminal case. E. Interim Measures Respondent means a Student, Group, or RSO who is alleged to be in violation of the Code. Formal judicial rules of evidence do not apply to the investigatory or resolution process. Specificinstances include driving under the influence, fighting, alcohol poisoning, and hospitalization. The President or their designee's decision shall be issued in writing to the parties within a reasonable time period, ordinarily within ten (10) Business Days. Depending on the severity of the case, a We maintain and protect the official academic record for every student at Georgia Tech. The Respondent will be provided the opportunity to present their version of the reported incident. Juni 2022. Malicious or unauthorized damage to or destruction of Institute property or property belonging to another. Authority 4. Forgery including alteration, or misuse of any Institute document relating to the academic status of the Student. Webohio e check requirements. 13. The same form will be completed, regardless of whether the student opts for a student panel or an administrative hearing. WebDisciplinary Sanctions. presented to an Investigator, Student Conduct Administrator, or Student Conduct Panel. At the time you left your previous high school(s), college(s) or universities, were you the subject of any disciplinary or academic misconduct proceeding. WebThe Written Warning should be scheduled on the same day following the conversation. Cheating or plagiarizing. 2. Throughout the Conduct Process, the Respondent, as party to the proceedings, is granted the following rights: Throughout the Conduct Process, the Complainant (where applicable), as party to the proceedings, is granted the following rights: Throughout the Conduct Process, Witnesses have the right to remain silent with no inference of responsibility drawn. occur at Student Group or Organization Activities; occur online or through an electronic medium; or. 9. +1 404.894.2000 Registered Student Organization Discipline An employee warning letter is a formal HR document which is sent to staff for a variety of reasons relating to employee misconduct. WebThe Registrar's Office strives to provide excellent service and contribute to overall institutional effectiveness. Intentionally initiating or causing to be initiated any false reporting, warning or threat of fire, explosion, or otheremergency. Is sufficiently severe or pervasive enough to interfere with academic responsibilities; or If the instructor finds the Respondent responsible, and the Respondent acknowledges responsibility, the instructor proposes a Faculty Resolution including: 1) a Sanction of disciplinary warning, or disciplinary probation; 2) a grade penalty; and 3) an educational component. Students on suspension are not permitted to enroll in classes at the Institute during their suspension. Disciplinary Sanction STATUS: Suspension from the Institute for a minimum of one semester Supplementary Requirement MINIMUM GRADE PENALTY: Failure in Questions? c. A Student Conduct Administrator determines that any future violation of Institute Policy will likely result in removalfrom housing. In imposing sanctions, the burden of proof lies with the Institute. 18. Additional aggravating circumstances may include, but are not limited to: North AvenueAtlanta, GA 30332 While many situations that individuals are involved in may be resolved and accounted for, some behaviors are so egregious that the potential risk to the Georgia Tech community is too great. Before an interim suspension is issued, the institution must make reasonable efforts to give the Respondent the opportunity to be heard on whether the Respondents presence on campus poses a danger. During the Conduct Process, the Respondent should continue to attend class and required Institute functions unless otherwise instructed by the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students or OSI. Complainants may file a report with law enforcement as well as with OSI. If the Respondent agrees to the Faculty Resolution, the Faculty Member forwards the resolution to OSI for consideration. Providing information about what an applicant has learned from the incident(s) and how he/she has changed behavior as a result is helpful to the admission committee. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Chair. If you don't have any more run-ins with OSI, then the ONLY way that outside institutions f. Unauthorized sale, possession, furnishing, or use of any bomb or explosive or incendiary device. c. The Institute shall retain the ability to adjudicate matters that occurred during a Students enrollment at Georgia Tech. WebThe Registrar's Office strives to provide excellent service and contribute to overall institutional effectiveness. 19. Appeals may be made in any cases where sanctions are issued, even when such sanctions are held in abeyance, such as probationary or expulsion. occur off Institute Premises when conduct adversely affects the Institute and/or the pursuit of its objectives. The Institute shall take necessary and appropriate action to protect the safety and well-being of its community. The Respondent or the Complainant may request a copy of the Institute's recording or may listen to the original recording in a location designated by OSI at no charge. If the Respondent does not agree to the Faculty Resolution, the Faculty Member forwards the case to OSI. The appeal process is not intended to grant a new hearing at a higher level. The individual designated as the highest-ranking member of the Group or RSO shall represent the Group or RSO as the Respondent. The following standards will apply to any such hearing, whether before an Administrator or a Student Conduct Panel: The Student Conduct Administrator renders a decision of:1) Not Responsible, which closes the case, or 2) Responsible for one or more violations with an appropriate Sanction, and, as warranted, one or more from among the Supplementary Requirements. The Students reasons for their preference must be conveyed to the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students,in writing, before the investigation begins. A disciplinary warning is a formal written notice that the Student, Group, or RSO has violated the Student Code of Conduct and that further violations may result in more serious disciplinary action. WebGeorgia Tech has partnered with EthicsPoint, Inc. to provide an enterprise-wide solution by which members of the Georgia Tech community may make such requests. 7. Inappropriate Classroom Behavior The Respondent must explicitly state why he or she believes an appeal is warranted. For suspension and expulsion, the Institute must articulate, in its written decision, the Substantial Evidence relied upon in determining that suspension or expulsion were appropriate. A suspended Student shall immediately leave campus and may not re-enter campus without prior approval from the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students. Otherwise, the Student Conduct Administrator may (1) attempt to resolve the situation through an informal resolution process including, but not limited to, mediation or a meeting between the Respondent and a Student Conduct Administrator or a third party; or (2) perform an initial investigation to determine what charges should be brought against the Respondent and whether those charges could potentially result in suspension or expulsion of the Respondent. Upon receipt of the written notice, the Respondent shall be given five (5) Business Days to respond in writing. Unauthorized use of anothers intellectual property including classroom recordings, power point presentations, lecture notes (any media), examination questions, or study guides. Board of Regents Following a hearing, both the Respondent and Complainant (where applicable) shall be provided a written decision of the outcome and any resulting sanctions. Theft and/or unauthorized possession or use of property or services belonging to the Institute, another person, oranyother entity. If so, in the case will be investigated by OSI, in accordance with Section F-4. The Institutes designee will determine whether to sustain or deny the challenge, and if sustained, the replacement to be appointed. After review of the Respondents response, the investigation shall continue with interviews of the Respondent, the Complainant (where applicable) and other relevant Witnesses; collection and review of documents or other physical or electronic information; and any other stepsdeemed necessary by the Investigator. During the Conduct Process, the Respondent should continue to attend class and required Institute functions unless otherwise instructed by the Associate Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students or OSI. The Respondent and the Complainant have the right to use an Advisor (who may or may not be an attorney) of their choosing, and at their own expense, for the express purpose of providing advice and counsel. In addition, the notice will specify the Complainant(s), Witnesses(s), and nature of the alleged misconduct. Multiple charges against the same Respondent will generally be investigated and adjudicated separately;however,multiple charges may be investigated and adjudicated together under appropriate circumstances, which may include, but are not limited to, consent of the parties, similar or related conduct, and the administrative burden of considering the charges separately. Suspension means a Student, Group, or RSO has been found responsible for violating the Institutes Policy. Sanctions will be imposed if an appeal is not filed, the deadline for an appeal passes, or when an appeal decision has been finalized. Students may be held accountable both to civil or criminal authorities and the Institute for acts that constitute violations of law and the Policy. Board of Regents: www.usg.edu/policymanual/ Campus Map, 2023 Georgia Institute of Title IX Information: https://titleix.gatech.edu/ In non-academic cases, the Panel recommends a decision and Sanctions, if applicable, to the Director of Student Integrity. If such things happen, it would be necessary to write disciplinary warnings to bring that to their attention, for which you can use sample disciplinary letters to guide you through the process. 14. In doing so, the Student Conduct Administrator or panel must determine there is a valid basis for the unavailability, ensure proper sequestration in a manner that ensures testimony has not been tainted, and make a determination that such an arrangement will not unfairly disadvantage any party. WebThe right to inspect and review the student's education records within forty-five days of the day that the Institute receives the request for access. WebA disciplinary warning is a formal written notice that the Student, Group, or RSO has violated the Student Code of Conduct and that further violations may result in more Expulsion is permanent separation and termination of the Respondents status as a Georgia Tech Student, and exclusion from Institute Premises, privileges, and activities. A disciplinary action can be conducted in five main steps: Verbally conducted warning Formally written warning Conduct of disciplinary meeting Demotion or loss of privileges Termination The very first step in directing an operation regarding discipline would be by providing a formal warning to the employee. In instances where a student has non-academic conduct history, that history can also aggravate the sanction. 6. If the Students preference is not honored, the rationale for the decision will be provided to the Student in writing. All questions by the Complainant(s) and Respondent(s) must be directed to the Chairperson, rather than to the Witness directly. WebThe Georgia Tech CyberSecurity team is granted the right to perform vulnerability testing and investigation on Institute systems, networks, and users without obtaining explicit Faculty Senate: www.Facultysenate.gatech.edu The admission committee, at its sole discretion, may consult Georgia Techs Dean of Students office and/or the Georgia Tech Police Department. Grade Change: Change of grade for the course and/or coursework in which the academic misconduct occurred. A maximum of two (2) character Witnesses will be allowed in a hearing. b. Falsification, distortion, or misrepresentation of Information before a Student ConductAdministrator or StudentConduct Panel. Complaints should include as much information as possible such as: (1) the type of misconduct alleged; (2) the name and contact information of the Respondent; (3) the date(s), time(s), and place(s) of the misconduct; (4) the name(s) and contact information of any individual(s) with knowledge of the incident; (5) whether any tangible evidence has been preserved; and (6) whether a criminal complaint has been made.

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